Since we began, a lot has changed in Portland and with veganism, some positive and some negative, but Food Fight! still continues to try and put our beliefs and punk business ethics (whatever that means anymore) in the forefront. As we’ve evolved, we’ve become more aware for the need for intersectionality within the vegan movement. We strive to be a workplace that truly values equity, justice, true diversity with an anti-racist lens, and also the places where each of us have areas of privilege and areas of oppression. We’ve come to understand that the well-being of animals is tied-up in the whole system of justice that includes the need for human rights and environmental justice. We aren’t perfect, and we believe in learning, trying, and working towards these goals. 

We are and always will be vegan for ethical reasons, meaning we are vegan as a boycott of the animal industrial complex. We strive to see the elimination of the abuse and murder of animals AND the oppression of the human workers within the animal agriculture industry. We keep trying to understand the evils of capitalism and our place within it. So we want you to know:

  • We believe Black Lives Matter.
  • We support all folks experiencing oppression at the hands of systemic racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, and white supremacy.
  • We do not support the gentrification of Portland and elsewhere, and we try to recognize and push back against our own contributions to it as a capitalist venture. 
  • We empathize and support the houseless community in Portland and elsewhere. 
  • We support small, DIY business.
  • We support ethically vegan-owned, small businesses.
  • We realize that just because a business is vegan-owned doesn’t make it automatically ethically run.
  • We don’t support cultural appropriation in veganism or elsewhere.
  • We don’t support fat-shaming in veganism or elsewhere.

We realize we are not perfect in our beliefs and actions, but we are constantly trying to learn and improve. Thanks for reading. Keep trying your best to suck less.